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12. Disable Internet Explorer 8.0

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Windows 7 is the only Windows operating system to have a feature which will completely disable Internet Explorer 8.0.

With copies of Windows 7 purchased for the European market Internet Explorer 8.0 will not be included on the DVD (all other regions will have IE 8.0 included). Therefore when you install a European version of Windows 7 (Which will be known as Windows 7 E), after installation has completed a web page will appear to allow you download a web browser of your choice. Of course you will have the choice of installing Internet Explorer 8.0, but you will also have the option of installing Firefox, Google Chrome etc as an alternative.

If you don't intend to use Internet Explorer 8.0 as you web browser and, instead, you wish to install Firefox, Chrome or one of the other browsers, you can physically remove IE 8.0 from Windows.

To do so proceed as follows:

  1. Click the Start button.
  2. From the Start menu, Click Control Panel.
  3. In Control panel, Click the Program and Features Icon.
  4. In the Program and Features window look at the Left Hand Pane and Click on the Turn Windows Features On or Off option.
  5. In the Windows features window look for Internet Explorer 8.0 and remove the check mark from the box to the left of the Internet Explorer 8.0 option and Click OK.
  6. Finally, Close the Control Panel window.