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14. Extend Windows 7 Trial For 120 Days Without Having To Activate

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The Windows operating system, by default, requires to be activated within a period of 30 (thirty) days. If you omitted to uncheck the 'Automatically activate Windows when online' then, as soon as you go online, Windows will automatically go through the activation process. We personally recommend disabling the 'Automatically activate Windows when online' option when installing Windows to give you enough time to check that everything is working correctly before activating.

Thirty days, of course, is more than enough time to actually evaluate any software application, but there are times when different scenarios present challenging problems and it simply isn't advisable to activate until you have evaluated all of your scenario possibilities, besides, if you try to activate your copy again you are more than likely going to get a 'Product key already in use' message and then you will have to telephone the Windows Activation line to sort the problem out.

Rather than going to this trouble it is far better to delay activation for at least 14 to 21 days. If after this period you still require more time a simple trick will allow you to re-arm the activation mechanism so that you get a further 30 days grace period. This trick can actually be used up to three times, thus extending activation for a full 120 days.

So how's it done? Well to begin with you need to be sure that the 'grace' period hasn't already expired, so I suggest you try this trick out when activation tells you that you have 2 or 3 days left, i.e., after 26 to 29 days have expired.

Once you know you have time left proceed as follows:

1. Click Start.

2. On the Start menu, Click in the Search box and type: cmd

3. In the search results you will see the Command Prompt Application file.

4. Right click on the cmd application file and, from the drop down menu, Select the 'run as administrator' option.

5. The User Account Control box will appear asking for permission to continue. If you are the Administrator, then press the Continue button. If you are not the Administrator you will need to input the Administrator credentials (user name and password) before you will be allowed to continue.

6. In the Command Prompt window type: slmgr -rearm and Press Enter.

Fig: 14-1 Open Command Prompt window

Fig: 14-1 Open Command Prompt window

7. A Script message should now appear telling you that the command complete successfully. For the changes to take effect, Click Ok and then restart your PC.

Fig: 14-2 Command completed successfully screen

Fig: 14-2 Command completed successfully screen

8. When your PC restarts, Click on the Start button followed by Control Panel. In Control Panel, Click the System Icon. When the System window opens the Windows Activation section should now show 30 days to activate.

Fig: 14-3 Windows activation alert

Fig: 14-3 Windows activation alert

7. Finally, Close the command prompt window and restart your computer.

Windows activation should now have been re-set to 30 (thirty) days again.