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17. Change Registered Owner

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When you install a Windows operating system on your PC you have to input certain details such as your name. This name is then added to the registry as the 'Registered Owner' of the software. This is fine while the PC belongs to you, but what happens if you either sell it or, alternatively, you, yourself decide to buy a pre-used PC. You certainly don't want someone else's name emblazoned on your PC. The simplest option is to change the registered owner.


Before proceeding to edit the Registry be sure to make a backup copy.

  1. Click the Start Button.
  2. In the Start menu Search box type: regedit
  3. The Registry Editor window will now open.
  4. In the registry tree Navigate to the following key: HKEY_Local_Machine\Software\Microsoft\WindowsNT\Current Version
  5. In the Current Version window look down the information in the Right hand pane for Registered Owner.
  6. Now Right click the Registered Owner key and Click on the Modify option.
  7. The Edit String dialogue box will now open.
  8. In the Value Data box type the new name of the Registered owner and then Click OK.
  9. Your Registered Owner name has now been changed.
  10. Before closing the Registry editor you might also like to check the Registered Organisation (situated just above the Registered Owner option) just in case a company name has been inserted here.
  11. If a Registered Company name has been inserted you can change it by Right clicking on the key and Clicking on the Modify option.
  12. Again in the Value Data box type the new Registered Company (if desired) and then Click the OK button.
  13. Finally close down the Registry editor.

Important Note

While the above will change the name and details of the Registered owner of the computer you may still see instances of the previous owner in Windows Explorer under the User section, i.e. Documents etc. If this is the case then you will need to Create a new User Profile (User Account) for yourself (see Question 18 Create New User Profile )

Once you have created a new User Account for yourself you can then Delete the User Account that belonged to the previous owner (see Question 19 Delete A User Account )