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22. Decrypt Removable Drive Encrypted With Bitlocker To Go.

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At some point a time may come that you no longer need your USB thumb drive or removable drive to be encrypted with Bitlocker. The instruction below will allow you to decrypt your drive and return it back to its normal state.

  1. Insert the USB Thumb drive or removable drive you wish to encrypt into a USB port on your machine.
  2. When the Password dialogue box appears type in the password for this particular drive and Click the Unlock button.
  3. Your USB/removable drive will now unlock and you will have access to the drive.
  4. Click the Start button and type: Bitlocker into the search box.
  5. Click on the Bitlocker Drive Encryption link that appears at the top of the search box.
  6. The Bitlocker Encryption window will now open.
  7. Look down the list of drives for the thumb drive you wish to encrypt and Click on the Turn Off Bitlocker option.
  8. A Turn Off Bitlocker message box will appear. Click the Decrypt Drive button.
  9. Your thumb/removable drive will now start decrypting.
  10. Depending upon how large your USB thumb/removable drive is, this may take some time to complete.
  11. After the drive has been decrypted remove it from the USB port.