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31. Bypass The Windows Logon Screen

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The Windows Logon Screen is there for a purpose, that of security. However, many people find it time consuming to have to keep inserting a password every time they want access to their computer; after all it can add valuable seconds to the initial windows boot up time.

For this reason it isn't surprising that one of the many questions asked about any operating system is 'How can I bypass the logon screen.' Well it's not difficult and here is how its done.

  1. Click the Start button.
  2. Click All Programs, followed by Accessories.
  3. In the Accessories list, Click Run. You could, alternatively, use the Start menu search box, however, for some unkown reason, the control userpassword2 command doesn't seem to work. If you do intend to use the search box then type: netplwiz instead and press Enter.
  4. The Run box will now appear.
  5.  In the Run box type: control userpasswords2 and Click OK.
  6. In the User Accounts window Remove the check mark (Tick) from the Users must enter a User name and password to use this computer, and the click the OK button.
  7. The next time you boot your PC the you should boot directly to the desktop.