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32. Unhide Country Desktop Background Themes

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If you live in countries such as United States, United Kingdom, Canada,  South Africa, and Australia you will notice that when you want to change your desktop background  Windows 7 will display a country specific desktop background theme as well as the standard desktop themes already available.

What many users are not aware of is that all of the current country specific desktop background themes are actually available but they are hidden. If you want to see what the other desktop backgrounds look like proceed as follows:

1. Before you can see the new desktop themes you need to unhide the hidden files and folders along with the system and protected operating system files. To do show the hidden files and folders see this link 04 Show Hidden Files, Folders And Disks.

2. After you have disabled the show hidden files and folders in the Folder and Search option View tab, scroll down to the Hide protected operating system files (Recommended) option and remove the check mark (tick) from the box on the left of this option too. See Fig: 1.

Fig: 32-1 Folder Options

Fig: 32-1 Folder Options

3. A warning message will appear. Just Click on the OK button.

4. Next Open windows explorer and Click on the chevron (>) next to your C: drive.

5. The C: drive directory list will now appear.

6. Click on the chevron (>) next to the Windows folder to expand the Windows directory further.

7. In the Windows directory, Click on the Globalization folder.

8. In the Right hand pane of the Globalization folder you will see a folder called MCT. Remember if you have disabled the show hidden files and folders and the operating system files you will not be able to see the MCT folder. See Fig: 2.

Fig: 32-2 Windows Explorer window showing the Globalization and MCT folders

Fig: 32-2 Windows Explorer window showing the Globalization and MCT folders

9. Click on the MCT folder to open it.

10. You will now see a list of 5 folders: MCT AU, MCT CA, MCT GB, MCT US and MCT ZA. These correspond respectively to Australia (AU); Canada (CA); United Kingdom (GB); United States (US) and South Africa (ZA).

11. Select which country you wish to use as a theme and Click on the folder.

12. Once the folder opens Click on the Theme folder you find inside.

13. Finally, Click on the Windows theme, i.e., AU; CA; GB; US; or ZA to install the relevant country.

14. Your Desktop should now display the country desktop background you have chosen.

15. To turn the desktop theme into a slide show, Right Click on the Desktop and select Personalize.

16. In the Personalization window, Click on the Desktop Background Slide Show option at the bottom of the personalization window.

17. From here you can choose the picture position and also how long it takes for each image to change on your desktop.