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37. Hide Action Center

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The Windows Action Center hold security, troubleshooting and system information for your computer. If any problems occur you are usually notified via a Message alert in your system notification area.

The message notifies you of a specific problem and gives you options to either fix it, if a suitable fix is available, or else send Microsoft further details of the problem being experienced.

Like most Alerts users can, and very often do, find them intrusive. For this reason an option has been included to, at least, turn the alerts off.

To turn of the Alerts proceed as follows:

  1. Click the UP arrow to the Left of the Notification area. In the small Window that appears, Click the Customize button. Fig: 37-1 Customize Screen

    Fig: 37-1 Customize Screen

  2. In the Customize window look for the Action Center icon. Fig: 37-2 Select which icons and notifications appear on the taskbar

    Fig: 37-2 Select which icons and notifications appear on the taskbar

  3. To the Right of the Icon you will see a Behaviour box.
  4. Click on the DOWN arrow and, from the Drop Down menu, Select Hide Icon and Notification.
  5. Finally click the OK button to implement your changes.