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46. Disable Microsoft Security Essentials (Temporarily)

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Microsoft Security Essential (MSE) is Microsoft's own freeware security application which incorporates Anti Virus, Firewall and Anti Malware application.

While it is not recommended that you actually disable MSE per-se there maybe instances, such as when installing certain software applications, that, before you can proceed, the application you are in the process of installing may request that you temporarily disable your anti virus software. This then is the reason for adding these particular instructions to the Windows 7 Frequently Asked Questions section.

It should be noted that it is imperative that you actually re-enable MSE as soon as you have completed the task for which you originally disabled the application. Permanently disabling MSE means that you will have absolutely no Anti Virus cover on your machine.

Incidentally, it should also be noted that, if you already have Anti Virus software  installed on your PC via a third party application it is not wise to install two Anti Virus applications. Running two Anti Virus applications on the same PC could result in the two applications conflicting with each other.

To temporarily disable MSE proceed as follows:

  1. Right click the MSE Icon in the notification area and Select Open.
  2. Fig: 46-1 Microsoft Security Essentials main interface window

    Fig: 46-1 Microsoft Security Essentials main interface window

  3. When the MSE main interface window opens, Click the Settings tab.
  4. Fig: 46-2 The Settings Window

    Fig: 46-2 The Settings Window

  5. On the Left Hand side of the settings window, you will see a list of options.
  6. From the list of Options, Click on Real Time Protection.
  7. In the Real Time Protection window remove the check mark (tick) from the box to the left of the Turn On Real Time Protection.
  8. Finally, Click the Save Changes button.
  9. Microsoft Security Essentials has now been disabled.
  10. Remember to re-enable MSE as soon as you have completed the task you originally disabled the application for.