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8.2 Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows 8

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Windows 8 has been designed for Touch screen and Tablets PCs; however, it can be used just as well on a standard keyboard/mouse driven desktop or laptop as it can on any other type of PC. If you don't have a tablet PC or a Touch Screen you have the choice of either using your mouse to navigate the screens or, as an alternative, your keyboard.

To navigate using your keyboard you are going to need some pretty smart keyboard shortcuts. Below you will find a list of some of the, current, most popular shortcuts.

Each shortcut uses the Windows key followed by a keyboard letter.

Keyboard Shortcut


Winkey + C Opens Charms Bar
Winkey + D Show Desktop
Winkey + E Opens Windows Explorer
Winkey + F Opens the File Search
Winkey + H Opens Share
Winkey + I Opens Settings
Winkey + K Opens Connect
Winkey + L Lock Computer
Winkey + O Lock screen rotation
Winkey + Q Opens App Search
Winkey + R Opens Run
Winkey + V Cycle through toasts
Winkey + W Opens Setting search
Winkey + Y Peek desktop
Winkey + Z Opens App Bar
Winkey + Shift + V Reverse cycle through toasts
Winkey + Enter Launch Narrator
Winkey + PgUp Move tiles to the left
Winkey + PgDn Move tiles to the right
Winkey + .: Move Split to the right
Winkey + Spacebar Switch keyboard layout and input language