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8.6 Delete App Installation History

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When you visit the Microsoft store and download apps (applications) a record of that download is recorded by Windows. The record is there is case you uninstall the app and, at a later time, wish to re-install it.

While this is a useful feature, not every user wants a complete history of every single app they have installed on their PC. If you happen to be one of those users then there is a simple way of deleting app installation history.

To remove app installation history, proceed as follows:

1. Press Win Key + I to open the Settings screen.

Fig: 8.6.0

Fig: 8.6.0 Click the Change PC Settings option (circled on screenshot)

2. Click on the Change PC Settings option at the bottom of the Settings screen.

3. In the Change PC Settings Window, click on the General tab situated on the menu on the left hand side of the Window.

4. In the App switching section, click the Delete History button.

Fig: 8.6.1

Fig: 8.6.1 Hit the Delete History button (Circled on screenshot) to remove application installation history.

5. Your App installation history will now be deleted.