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8.9 Install Windows Media Center in Windows 8

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Although Windows Media Center is supplied with Windows 8 it is not automatically installed. For Windows 8 Microsoft have decided that, if you want it installed, you will need to buy a separate product key and then install the application yourself.

The current cost of the key is approximately $12.99 (£6.99) and you obtain a product key via the Microsoft Store. This is easily accomplished from within Windows 8 by first opening Control Panel and then clicking on the System Icon.

Fig: 8.9.0

Fig: 8.9.0 Open Control Panel and click the System icon

If you now take a look at the Windows Version section of this screen you will see details of your Windows version and, just below this, a link entitled: Get more features with a new edition of Windows.

Fig: 8.9.1

Fig: 8.9.1 The View basic information about your computer Window will appear

Click on the Get more features with a new edition of Windows link and then proceed as follows:

1. Press the Yes button on the User Account Control to access the Add Features window

Fig: 8.9.2

Fig: 8.9.2 Click Yes when the User Account Control box appears

2. The How do you want to get started window now appears. 

Fig: 8.9.3

Fig: 8.9.3 If you want to buy a product key, click the relevant link on the How do you want to get started window

3. To obtain a Product Key, click the I want to buy a product key online link.

4. After a short while the Here's what we've found window will appear.

Fig: 8.9.4

Fig: 8.9.4 Press the Choose button to select your product

5. In this window you see the price of the product key. To proceed with the purchase press the Choose button.

6. A progress window will then appear, followed by a Billing Address dialogue box. 

Fig: 8.9.5

Fig: 8.9.5 Complete the Billing Address information

7. Make sure you fill out the Billing Address dialogue box correctly and the press the Next button.

8. Once your details have been registered you will be supplied with a product key.

9. Once you get the product key go back to step 0 and go through to step 3.

10. At step 3, click on the I already have a product key link

Fig: 8.9.6

Fig: 8.9.6 If you already have a key, then click on the I already have a key link on the How do you want to get started window

11. The next window will allow you to Enter your Product Key

Fig: 8.9.7

Fig 8.9.7 Finally insert the product key number and click the Next button

12. Once you have entered your Product Key, click the Next button.

13. Windows Media Center will now start to install.

14. Once the Installation has been completed, Windows will automatically re-start.

15. After your PC has re-started a Windows Media Center icon will appear on the Windows Start Screen.

16. Click this Windows Media Center Icon to start the application.