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Windows 7 Tips and Tricks

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Windows 7, Microsoft's latest operating system has been built on the Windows Vista core code. This latest addition to the Windows range has had a number of improvements and has also had some of its core features removed. Most notable of the features removed are Windows Mail, Windows Movie Maker and Messenger.

Windows Mail and Movie Maker have now been replaced by Windows Live Mail and the Live version of Movie Maker. These can be downloaded as separate applications from the Windows Live site. Windows Messenger has also been removed but, again, Windows Live Messenger is its replacement

This Tips and Tricks section contains some of the more popular tips/tweaks. Obviously this section will be updated pretty regularly so we suggest you keep popping back to the site to check what new Tips and Tricks have been added.


All Tips and Tricks contained within this site are supplied 'as is'. I am unable to accept any responsibility resulting from the use of any of the Tips and Trick replies; you use them at your own risk!


  1. Preview Of Windows 7
  2. Change Location Of Taskbar
  3. Create System Repair Disc
  4. Show Hidden Files, Folders And Disks
  5. Turn System Icons ON/OFF In Notification Area
  6. Display Missing Drives In Computer Folder
  7. Open Multiple Windows In Internet Explorer 8.0
  8. Windows Update Error 80070422, 80244019 or 8DDD0018
  9. Installing Windows 7 (Illustrated)
  10. Testing Memory With Windows 7's Memory Diagnostic Tool
  11. Pin Programs To Taskbar
  12. Disable Internet Explorer 8.0
  13. Disable Hibernation
  14. Extend Windows 7 Trial For 120 Days Without Having To Activate
  15. Add Support Information And Logo To Windows 7
  16. Back Up The Windows Registry
  17. Change Registered Owner
  18. Create New User Profile
  19. Delete A User Account
  20. Add A Library
  21. Encrypt Portable Media With Bitlocker To Go
  22. Decrypt Removable Drive Encrypted With Bitlocker To Go
  23. AutoPlay/AutoRun Doesn't Work
  24. Disable Windows Error Reporting
  25. Record Steps To Reproduce A Problem
  26. Replace Quick Launch Toolbar In Windows 7
  27. Move Windows Live Messenger Icon To Notification Area
  28. Disable Aero Peek
  29. Change Recycle Bin Space Allocation
  30. Enable Bitlocker Without TPM
  31. Bypass Windows Logon Screen
  32. Unhide Country Desktop Background Themes
  33. Disable Live Preview For Taskbar Thumbnails
  34. Disable User Account Control
  35. Enable Windows 7 God Mode
  36. Disable Search Indexing
  37. Hide Windows Action Center
  38. Re-Enable The Notify When Download Completes Option In Internet explorer
  39. Disable/Enable Windows 7 Search
  40. Test Mode Windows 7
  41. Enable Driver Signing
  42. Change The Keyboard Language
  43. Make Your PC Speak A Spoken Greeting When You Log On
  44. Windows XP Mode
  45. Slipstream Windows 7 Service Pack
  46. Disable Microsoft Security Essentials (Temporarily)
  47. Bypass Windows 7 Logon Screen
  48. Adding Network Activity Indicator
  49. Disable 'This program May Not Have Installed Correctly' Option
  50. Creating A Password Reset Disk
  51. Rest User Account Password Using Windows Password Reset Disk
  52. Open Internet Explorer in Full Screen Mode By Default
  53. Install Windows 7 Service Pack 1
  54. Remove Service Pack Backup Files
  55. Uninstall Windows 7 Service Pack 1
  56. Install Windows 7 Service Pack 1 Via Windows Auto Update
  57. Installing Internet Explorer 9
  58. Download and Install Full Version Of IE 9
  59. Uninstall Internet Explorer 9
  60. Re-Insert Deleted Application Shortcuts In All Programs Menu
  61. Disable Only Secure Content Is Displayed Notification In IE 9
  62. Disable Speed Up Browsing By Disabling Add-Ons Notification In IE9