Microsoft MVP

8. Turn Off User Account Control (UAC)

User Account Control is a new feature which help prevent unauthorised changes being made to your computer. Any time a change occurs on your computer UAC kicks in and asks if you want to allow this change. In other words you have to physically give UAC permission to make the change. This can be in the form of simply pressing an 'allow this' button to a more sophisticated form of permission, such as an administrator password. While this option can be a slight irritation it is certainly worth the effort for the casual user and, as such, although disabling details are outlined below, it is not recommended that you disable this option. If you are an 'expert' user then by all means disable UAC, but if you aren't then for safety's sake leave UAC enabled.

1/ Click the Start button

2/ From the Start menu click Control Panel

3/ In Control panel click the User Account icon

4/ In User Account window click the 'turn user account control on or off' option

5/ Next click 'Continue' when the user Account Control permission box appears

6/ In the next window remove the check mark from the box next to the 'use user account control (UAC) to help protect my computer' and then press OK

7/ A message will now saying 'You must re-start your computer to apply these changes'

8/ Now click the Re-start button

9/ After your computer has re-started the UAC will be disabled

10/ To enable UAC again simply go to Control panel and click on the Security centre Icon. In the security centre window, in the section marked 'other security settings' a button marked 'Turn On Now'

11/ Press the Turn On Now button to re-enable User Account Control

12/ Finally exit the Security centre window and then Control panel.

An alternative method is as follows:

1/ Click the Start Menu

2/ Click All Programs>Accessories>Run

3/ In the Run dialogue box type: msconfig

4/ In the MSCONFIG window click the Tools tab

5/ Scroll down the list of applications in the Tools tab until you come to 'Disable UAC'

6/ Highlight the Disable UAC option and then press the Launch button

7/ The Command prompt window will now open with the message 'This operation completed successfully'

8/ Close the Command prompt Window and you are done!

9/ Incidentally after disabling UAC the Windows Security Center will flag that UAC is no longer functioning. The flag will keep popping up unless you change the way the security center alerts you.